Best Video Doorbells – Our Top 5

In today’s advanced world, security has become a primary concern for homeowners. Video doorbells have emerged as a popular solution to enhance home security. These devices allow you to monitor and even communicate with visitors at your doorstep remotely through a mobile app. In this review, we will analyze five top video doorbells, highlighting their summary, pros, and cons, to help you make an informed decision for your home security needs.

1. Ring Video Doorbell Pro:

Top Pick

Ring Video Doorbell

1080p HD video doorbell with enhanced features that let you see, hear, and speak to anyone from your phone, tablet, or PC.

Summary: The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a sleek and stylish device that offers advanced security features. It provides crisp 1080p video quality, motion detection, and two-way audio communication. It is hardwired for continuous power, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.

– Excellent video quality with a wide viewing angle.
– Integration with other Ring devices and a wide range of smart home systems.
– Customizable motion zones to avoid unnecessary notifications.
– Works well with Alexa for voice control.

– Requires existing doorbell wiring, not suitable for homes without it.
– Fee required for cloud video storage and some additional features.
– Some users report occasional connection problems.
– More expensive compared to other options.

2. Nest Hello Video Doorbell:

Google Nest Doorbell 720p- (Wired, 2nd Gen) – Video Security Camera – Ash

Summary: The Nest Hello Video Doorbell is known for its brilliant video quality, capturing vivid details. It provides features like facial recognition, intelligent video alerts, and continuous video recording. The device offers a sleek and modern design.

– Exceptional video quality that can differentiate between people and objects.
– Facial recognition enables personalized alerts.
– Continuous video recording, even without a subscription.
– Integration with Google Nest system and Assistant.

– Requires existing doorbell wiring for installation.
– Limited third-party smart home integration compared to some other brands.
– Subscription required for advanced features like facial recognition and continuous recording.
– Higher upfront cost.

3. Arlo Video Doorbell:
Summary: The Arlo Video Doorbell offers a comprehensive package, including high-definition video, motion detection, and quick response pre-recorded messages. It provides a 180-degree viewing angle, ensuring a wide coverage area. The Arlo Smart service provides advanced AI features.

– Wide field of view, suitable for better monitoring.
– Adjustable motion zones and customizable alerts.
– Pre-recorded quick responses for quick communication.
– Optional Arlo Smart subscription for advanced features.

– Requires wired power connection for continuous operation.
– Video resolution limited to 1536×1536, slightly lower than other options.
– Some users find the motion detection sensitivity erratic.
– Subscription required for accessing full features.

4. Eufy Security Video Doorbell:
Summary: The Eufy Security Video Doorbell is a budget-friendly choice packed with essential features. It offers 2K resolution video, motion detection zones, and local storage options. The device promises easy installation and enhanced privacy.

– Affordable compared to many competitors without compromising key features.
– High video quality with 2K resolution.
– Local storage on a built-in SD card slot.
– No mandatory subscription, ensuring enhanced privacy.

– Requires existing doorbell wiring for installation.
– Limited integration with other smart home systems or voice assistants.
– Motion detection sensitivity can be inconsistent.
– The app interface can be challenging to navigate.

5. August Doorbell Cam Pro:
Summary: The August Doorbell Cam Pro combines a video doorbell with a smart lock, offering a holistic solution for home security. It boasts superior integration with August smart locks, allowing remote operation and keyless access control.

– Seamlessly integrates with August smart locks for a unified security system.
– HindSight technology captures video footage of events before motion detection.
– Good video quality and reliable motion detection in most cases.
– Support for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri voice commands.

– Requires existing doorbell wiring for installation.
– No continuous video recording feature.
– Limited third-party smart home integration compared to some other brands.
– Higher price range compared to basic video doorbells.

While each video doorbell reviewed offers unique features, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Nest Hello Video Doorbell stand out with their exceptional video quality and advanced security features. The Arlo Video Doorbell and Eufy Security Video Doorbell provide more budget-friendly options, and the August Doorbell Cam Pro offers a comprehensive solution when paired with August smart locks. Consider your specific requirements and budget to select the best video doorbell that suits your home security needs.

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