Kitchen Crop VKP1200 Seed Sprouter

Kitchen Crop VKP1200 Seed Sprouter

When people are looking for gardening, they look to find stuff that can be beginner friendly or perhaps used in an indoors setting. Gardening is a hobby for many people, but many people also may not be able to get into gardening as easily because of the space required for gardening. There are many products on the market for this type of stuff, but there is one in particular we should mention. The kitchen crop VKP1200 is a seed sprouter that allows you to sprout seeds with ease and is very much a beginner friendly product. This is used for growing mostly sprouts and herbs for salads and other things, and is very good for people with limited space. This product comes with a few plastic dishes which let you grow seedlings inside them. With that said and out of the way, let us take a look at this seed sprouter.

Best Features

We went over what this product does and what it is like, so now let us look at the best features for this product.

Stackable Design

This comes with four different circular growing trays which are used to grow your sprouts and herbs. They stack on top of each other and work hydroponically. What this means is that there are holes in the bottom of each of these growing trays, and when stacked on top of each other, the leftover water can fall through the holes on the bottom of them and into the next tray. This forward thinking design also comes with two lids. The lids double as a seal but also, the lids can be used to collect leftover water. This makes it so you don’t have any messes when the water reaches the bottom, while also ensuring you don’t waste water.

Multiple seeds

Because of its design, you can grow many different seeds in the four different trays it offers, which aids in helping you get a variety of seedlings and herbs going for your next salad..

The pros and cons

We talked about some of the best features of this product, but this is where we look at the bigger picture with these types of products.

Pros Beginner Friendly

This product is very much beginner friendly, as it comes with everything needed to start growing. It comes with the stackable design trays, a drain tray, irrigation lid, seeds, and an instruction manual to get you started. All you have to do is stack the trays on top of each other, put the seeds in the tray, and water them. It is that simple.

Cheap and affordable

This product offers a very cheap way of gardening. The entire kit goes for about $24.99 on Amazon. It is among the best on the market as well. And the cool part is with its design- is that you can get more trays to stack on top of each other if you wanted more trays. This method is a very cheap and cost effective way of gardening.

Cons Trays could leak

One of the issues is with its design is that water could leak out of the trays on the sides. This could be an issue for cleaning up spills. Not only that, but the trays could easily be knocked over on accident by you or someone else, or even a pet, leaving a bigger mess to clean up. Not to mention if you forget to put the bottom tray on, that the water will come out onto the counter or wherever you have it.

Not big enough to fully grow stuff

If you’re looking to grow bigger plants or herbs in this, you might want to think again with this product. This product is more or less for growing sprouts and microgreens, which are small sprouts you put on a salad.

Overall Review

Overall this is a good product if you’re looking to grow microgreens small time for your next salad. Though if you want to grow more microgreens, you might want to look at other sets or trays, as these are really only for beginner growers. But regardless, it is good for someone who plans on growing sprouts and microgreens for themselves or their family. We hope this review helped clear up confusion.

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