The Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep

The Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep


Getting enough sleep implies neither oversleeping nor sleep-deprivation. The term enough sleep is relative and it basically means the amount of sleep that will take you through the next day energetically without feeling fatigued. Some people have implied that a normal person can survive healthily on six, seven or eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. Thus here are the benefits of getting enough sleep.

Impact on Productivity

A good night’s sleep leaves you feeling re-energized and active boosting your ability to concentrate on any tasks at hand. This means you get more work done than if you did not sleep well. It maintains your level of creativity, superb judgement and crisis handling capabilities. Better sleep can improve memory due to clearer thinking.

Impact on life span

Short inadequate sleep has long been associated with short life spans. Quality sleep is also said to lead to quality life as you are not too tired to appreciate the joys of life and adventure in them.

Impact on Emotions

The lack of enough sleep leads to a feeling of tiredness even though no work has been done which tends to make someone more irritable especially when a lot is expected from them. Lack of sleep can bring on headaches and make you feel stressed up and anxious which might lead to depression.

Impact on health

Inadequate sleep over long periods of time has been linked time and time again to some of the most dire health disorders such as obesity, cardiovascular disorders like heart attacks as well as diabetes. This is because it is believed to increase cholesterol levels. That is why most physicians might recommend more sleep to alleviate their symptoms.

Impact on Sex

People who rarely sleep enough tend to suffer feelings of moodiness and low energy both of which are detrimental to a good sex life. This has been linked to causing lower testosterone levels in men.

Impact on performance in sports

Sleep is one of the best ways to attain complete mental, physical and emotional rest. In the morning one tends to feel less fatigue and their resilience is boosted ensuring peak performance in any athletic activity

Impact on Learning

Learning incorporates both memory and high levels of concentration both of which are low if sleep is not enough. Students who study all night for the next day’s exams might find them relatively harder despite the fact that they might know the answers.

Impact on weight

Sleeping enough has positive effects on your metabolism which leads to maintenance of an optimum fat free weight.

Impact on safety

Driving after getting insufficient sleep is as bad as driving under the influence of alcohol. Your eyesight is groggy and you just want to close your eyes so bad. If any emergency situation were to occur lives would be in danger because you are less alert. Many deaths have been caused by sleep deprived drivers.

Impact on beauty

There is a reason why it is called beauty sleep. It helps keep your skin free of breakouts, helps you have healthy looking eyes without the eye bags that lack of sleep can cause and keeps you generally happier making you that much more attractive.

With this in mind, the next time you want to work till the wee hours to meet that deadline remember the less you sleep, the worse your life.

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