Ring Video Doorbell

Product Review: Ring Video Doorbell


The Ring Video Doorbell is a smart home device designed to provide innovative functionality and heightened security for your household. The emphasis of this product is on ensuring security, providing convenience, and improving homeowner engagement.


1. High-definition video: It enables users to clearly see who’s at their door.
2. Two-way talk: It allows you to not just see, but also communicate with the visitors without opening the door.
3. Motion-activated alerts: The Ring Doorbell sends real-time notifications on your smartphone when someone approaches your door.
4. Night vision: You can still see what’s happening outside even in low light conditions.
5. Wi-Fi-enabled: It can be easily connected to your home Wi-Fi network.
6. Easy installation: The product comes with all installation tools needed for setting it up.


1. Enhances Security: The main advantage of the Ring Video Doorbell is that it provides an additional layer of protection to households with real-time surveillance and two-way communication before opening the door.

2. Convenient Mobile Alerts: You don’t have to physically be at home as you get real-time notifications when someone presses your doorbell or sets off the motion sensors.

3. Crystal Clear Images: With high-quality HD video and excellent night vision capabilities, you will always get a clear picture of who’s at your doorstep at any time of the day or night.

4. Streamlined Design: Its sleek design fits well with various architectural styles and doesn’t look out of place on a range of house facades.


1. Requires Wi-Fi Connectivity: For those living in areas with unstable internet connections or frequent power outages, the product may not function optimally.

2. Subscription Needed for Extra Features: If you want access to additional features such as video recording, you’ll need a Ring Protect subscription which comes at an added cost.

3. Response Time: On some occasions, there may be a delay in notification alerts due to connectivity or app issues.


In conclusion, the Ring Video Doorbell is a significant step up from traditional doorbells. It offers enhanced security and better control over who can access your property. While there are minor setbacks such as potential delays in notifications and reliance on stable Wi-Fi, the pros heavily outweigh the cons for those seeking security and convenience in their homes.

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